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Posted: 3th of June, 2009 Category: Rich Internet Apps_, Websites_


We have collaborated with Telefónica Soluciones to offer you a series of multimedia features with information about food labelling, wine, recipes the whole family can prepare… You will find them all in alimentació, the new food and nutrition portal launched by the MAPA (the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Alimentation).

El Vino, Conócelo (The Wine, Learn about it)

All about the Wine: labelling, preserving and serving, tasting, designations of origin.


Leo lo que Como (I read what I eat)

Do we read the labels of the food we buy and consume? Or do we just look at the price, brand, expiration date…?


Cocinar en Familia (Cooking for the Whole Family)

Nutritional information and 50 Mediterranean recipes to enjoy cooking with your family and eating well.


Puzzle de Piezas del Vacuno (Cuts of Beef Puzzle)

We have also developed a puzzle game in which you have to place the different cuts of beef. This way, the next time you ask for a top loin steak, you’ll know where that comes from :)


In this video you can see the Minister of Agriculture, Fisihng and Alimentation, Elena Espinosa, presenting the new portal and playing our puzzle game.

We are already working on the second phase of features for this web. We will keep you up to date.


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