MiTierraMaps: Félix Rodriguez Foundation’s social platform to get to know the rural world

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Discover the best of your surroundings with MiTierra Maps (MyLand Maps), an interactive, multimedia social platform that lets us discover biodiversity, trails, natural parks, local products and entrepreneurial initiatives in the rural world.

Many times the rural world is a complete unknown for city dwellers: its environmental cycles, economy, rural occupations… are completely foreign to many people. That is exactly what MiTierra Maps wants to change. It is an online platform that puts people in contact with the rural environment, its culture, leisure activities and products, in a participative and interactive way.

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This project of the Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Foundation, with our participation in the platform’s development, allows people to discover, for instance, different places and their biodiversity, trails located in protected areas, unique trees, or the habits of endangered animal species.

MyLand Maps is a living platform, which is continually updated with new layers of the “MiTierra” map with new places, experiences, activities, ecological initiatives, etc.

It’s collaborative and social, and it promotes participation through collaborative layers that users can, from home or their cell phones, use to inform others about the best of their surroundings, adding data, information, images, videos….and share it in social networks.

MiTierra Maps

MiTierra Maps is a multi-device platform. In addition to the web version, there are also native apps available for Android and IPhone smartphones. Thus it can also be used in-situ to check any information that is available (for example, while you are travelling), to comment on what you see or to participate by uploading content to the user layers (places, photos, comments, evaluations, etc.). In addition, it makes it easier to directly contact businesses and new ventures in the area that promote native livestock, crafts and sustainable agriculture.


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