(Interactive) Spring is here in El Corte Inglés, with Magdazine

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Madgazine Novedades Live El Corte Ingles

El Corte Inglés has published “Novedades Live” (“The Latest Live”), the first interactive fashion magazine for Internet and iPad created with Madgazine. It lets you interact with what you see in the publication and buy it directly online.

“Novedades Live” is a fashion magazine you can look at, read and interact with. Hotspots with additional information about what you see, clothes you can add to your list of favorites and purchase online, YouTube videos, updated news from fashion blogs… all on the pages of your magazine, available online and for iPad.

captura hotspot producto
captu hoja doblada

“Novedades Live” also includes The Mad Video’s incredible interactive video technology. You can see, right inside the magazine, Moda El Corte Inglés’ interactive fashion videos that let you add the clothing you see in it to your favorites and to buy it online.

captu video interactivo cerca
captu video interactivo lejos

Thanks to Madgazine’s capability to add and update content instantly, “Novedades Live” is a magazine that is alive, updated every day to offer new content and the latest in fashion.

captu con thumbnails

Madgazine is Madpixel’s cloud platform that makes it easy to create and publish interactive magazines for the Web and iPad. The special version of Madgazine for El Corte Inglés also connects to its blogs and e-commerce system to offer updated prices and information on the clothes and accessories we see in the magazine and the option to buy them online.

El Corte Inglés is the first major Spanish company in the fashion world to use Madgazine, and very soon other big brands will have their own Madgazines too.

The cloud platform to create interactive Madgazine magazines will be available for brands, businesses and institutions in the second quarter of 2012. If you’re interested in creating an interactive magazine with Madgazine or you want to know what’s new and about launch dates, contact
us at Madgazine.net


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