BBC : Gigapixel de El Bosco en “Renaissance Revolution”

Posted: 23th of October, 2010 Category: Madpixel, Rich Internet Applications

BBC: Gigapixel Renaissance Revolution

Hoy a las 20:15 (21:15 en España) en BBC Two, en el segundo programa de su nueva serie sobre la pintura del Renacimiento, el artista y escritor Matthew Collings analizará el fantástico mundo de “El Jardín de las Delicias”.

Lo hará de una forma pionera, utilizando para ello las imágenes en super-alta resolución que Madpixel realizó en el proyecto “Las Obras maestras del Prado en Google Earth” creando una nueva experiencia de arte en televisión como no se habia visto hasta ahora.

Como explica la BBC, por primera vez se utilizan las imagenes en super-alta resolución en televisión, para mostrar y disfrutar de una obra de arte en toda su plenitud de detalles:

“Using the latest high-resolution digital technology, Matthew Collings is able to explore this extraordinary painting in minute detail and unravel some of the arcane messages that Bosch has woven into it through his use of symbols and unsettling inversions of scale – giant birds drop fruit into the mouths of nude humans, slithering creatures invade paradise, a devil-bird devours a man whole.

Just as the images in Bosch’s painting were unusual for the Renaissance, his technique was also unconventional for the time. Bosch worked quickly with gloopy blobs of thick paint to conjure up the fine details of a fish’s eye or the spines on the back of a porcupine from a few brushstrokes. The liveliness of Bosch’s technique is one of the qualities that makes his painting seem strangely modern.

The Garden of Earthly Delights reflects the new way of thinking about the world that the Renaissance ushered in – ideas about free will and morality that challenged the old religious order and which posed a question: perhaps heaven and hell are not places your soul might end up in, but states of being that are always inside you?”


En el Blog de la BBC, Adam Barker añade como ahora los usuarios de televisión pueden disfrutar de esta tecnología como ya lo hacian los usuarios de Internet, convirtiendo a esta serie sobre arte en un hecho pionero:

“[...] In recent years a lot of innovative work has been produced in the field of high resolution image mapping using the latest digital technology. While online users have had access to large scale zoom capabilities, allowing them to focus in on specific areas of interest, rarely have these techniques been employed in producing broadcast television sequences.

The result is no ordinary art series. It pioneers techniques for how we view art on screen, allowing for a thrilling full high definition wide shot of a famous old master painting, and zooming to two centimetres of its exquisite details.”



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