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“Interactive Leonardo”: a Da Vinci to be enjoyed

Posted: 15th of April, 2013 Category: Madpixel_, Mobile_, Rich Internet Apps_, Social Network_, Websites_

Leonardo interactivo

Leonardo Da Vinci’s two Madrid Codices, the only manuscripts by the Renaissance genius that remain in Spain, can now be enjoyed online, thanks to “Interactive Leonardo”, created with Madgazine.

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(Interactive) Spring is here in El Corte Inglés, with Magdazine

Posted: 10th of April, 2012 Category: Madpixel_, Multimedia_, Rich Internet Apps_

Madgazine Novedades Live El Corte Ingles

El Corte Inglés has published “Novedades Live” (“The Latest Live”), the first interactive fashion magazine for Internet and iPad created with Madgazine. It lets you interact with what you see in the publication and buy it directly online.

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AXN iPromos: Interactive Video in your TV series

Posted: 12th of April, 2011 Category: Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_

AXN iPromos: Interactive Video in your TV series

Who’s the actor that plays the team leader? What other series has he been in? What city does the action is take place in and where is it located? AXN’s new interactive promos have all the answers.

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Madpixel’s participation in the Art Project, powered by Google

Posted: 2th of February, 2011 Category: Gigapixel_, Madpixel_

Google Art Project

The world presentation of the Art Project powered by Google was held today at London’s Tate Britain. Google has partnered with some of the world’s greatest museums in order to bring art closer and make it more accessible to everyone via the Internet, offering a hitherto unknown, comprehensive experience. If you want to know more about the project, please read Google’s official blogpost.

Madpixel was one of the agencies that had the opporunity to work with Google in one of the components of the project and develop the gigapixel operations.

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El Corte Inglés: Interactive fashion on video

Posted: 24th of December, 2010 Category: Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_, Websites_

Moda Interactiva video El Corte Ingles

What brand is that shirt? And those trousers? How much do those shoes cost? The questions we ask ourselves when we see clothes we like in a video, now have answers in El Corte Inglés interactive videos.

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Rubens 360º: Interactive Video in the Prado Museum

Posted: 24th of December, 2010 Category: Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_


Today the Prado Museum and Madpixel present a new way to get into closer contact with art: “Rubens 360º” interactive video, which enables us to enjoy the exhibition of the Baroque painter’s work through interaction with what we see in the video.

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RTVE Interactive Video of “Informe Semanal”, at FICOD

Posted: 16th of November, 2010 Category: Google products_, Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_, Social Network_

RTVE Interactivo FICOD

Today, at FICOD (International Forum on Digital Content), the founders of Madpixel, Koldo García and Iñaki Arredondo, offered a workshop “Interactive Video: beyond the image”.

In the workshop, RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television) and Madpixel presented the “Informe Semanal” report “Conquering Silicon Valley” in an Interactive Video, which uses Madpixel’s technology to enable viewers to get more information about the people, places and objects appearing in the video.

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BBC: Bosch Gigapixel on “Renaissance Revolution” series

Posted: 23th of October, 2010 Category: Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_

BBC: Gigapixel Renaissance Revolution

Today, at 20:15 (GMT+1) on BBC Two, in the second programme of his new series on Renaissance painting, artist and writer Matthew Collings steps into the mysterious invented world of The Garden of Earthly Delights.

He will analize the painting in a new way using the super-high resolution images Madpixel did for the “Prado Museum masterpieces in Google Earth” project, creating a new experience for art on TV never seen before.

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Interactive Video of the Prince of Asturias Awards

Posted: 7th of June, 2010 Category: Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_, Social Network_

Today the Prince of Asturias Foundation and Madpixel presented the Interactive Online Video of the 2009 awards ceremony. Thanks to this solution, the video itself provides us with information about the award recipients and well-known personalities, interactively, by just moving the mouse across the video.
This project is a milestone that will change the way videos are viewed online.

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Madpixel, Expansión Award for Technological Innovation

Posted: 20th of April, 2010 Category: Madpixel_

Today Madpixel received the 2009 Award for Technological Innovation that the financial newspaper Expansión awards every year to the most innovative small and medium-sized companies.

The “Interactive Online Video” technology that we’ve recently presented or the super high-resolution “Masterpieces of the Prado Museum” project we did with Google are some examples of innovation on Internet that we’ve been given the award for.

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