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“Noi L’Aquila”: rebuild a city through shared memories

Posted: 14th of June, 2011 Category: Google products_, Mobile_, Rich Internet Apps_, Websites_


This Google project, with Madpixel’s participation on the technical side, makes it possible to recover the artistic, cultural and social heritage of the city of L’Aquila, struck by an earthquake in 2009. “We, L’Aquila” is a meeting point, a social tool that can be used to digitally surf the city and rebuild it by sharing memories through photos, videos, and stories lived out there.

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Google Women for Women, Join me on the bridge

Posted: 25th of February, 2011 Category: Gadgets and Widgets_, Google products_, Social Network_, Websites_


To celebrate the centennial of International Women’s Day, Women for Women and Google have called together women and men from all over the world to share and celebrate achievements made in this area, creating this collaborative event-management tool with the participation of Madpixel.

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RTVE Interactive Video of “Informe Semanal”, at FICOD

Posted: 16th of November, 2010 Category: Google products_, Madpixel_, Rich Internet Apps_, Social Network_

RTVE Interactivo FICOD

Today, at FICOD (International Forum on Digital Content), the founders of Madpixel, Koldo García and Iñaki Arredondo, offered a workshop “Interactive Video: beyond the image”.

In the workshop, RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television) and Madpixel presented the “Informe Semanal” report “Conquering Silicon Valley” in an Interactive Video, which uses Madpixel’s technology to enable viewers to get more information about the people, places and objects appearing in the video.

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iPhone app for Blanco: update your look from your mobile phone

Posted: 31th of August, 2010 Category: Gadgets and Widgets_, Google products_, Mobile_, Social Network_


If you like Blanco, the Spanish fashion brand, and want to be up-to-date on all their news, collections, look-books, etc. or find the nearest store, just download the iPhone app we have just launched.

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Spotify Chrome Extension: how that artist or group sounds like?

Posted: 4th of August, 2010 Category: Gadgets and Widgets_, Google products_

Do you want to know how an artist or group sounds like?
Use your mouse to highlight the text with the name of an artist or group in your current web page. Click on the extension’s icon to listen to their music on Spotify!

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Posted: 16th of June, 2010 Category: Gadgets and Widgets_, Google products_, Rich Internet Apps_

The “ Chrome Extension”, the official extension for the South Africa World Cup we’ve created with Google, is now available.
It lets you follow the matches live while you’re online and share the goals on Facebook, Twitter and Buzz. It also provides information on teams, players, scores, and up-to-the-minute news about your national team.
Choose your football team to get their latest news, to know their most recent scores, or when their next match will be. And all of it with links to FIFA. com to access information in more detail.

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El Sol Festival Contest on YouTube

Posted: 14th of April, 2010 Category: Google products_

El Sol Festival
“El Sol” Festival and YouTube have opened up a contest of spots to creative young people. The winners will receive an award at the festival ceremony on May 29th in San Sebastián.

If you study Audiovisual Communication, Marketing or Advertising, you can participate in the Contest for Creative Young People on YouTube by creating your spot for the NGO International Solidarity, and uploading it to the YouTube channel we’ve created for the contest, until May 6th.

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Chrome Extensions for El Mundo and Marca

Posted: 22th of March, 2010 Category: Gadgets and Widgets_, Google products_


As a result of the launch of Google Chrome 4.1 and its Extensions, we at Madpixel, along with Google and Unidad Editorial, have created the and extensions

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Chrome Extension for Ticketmaster (UK and Spain)

Posted: 19th of March, 2010 Category: Gadgets and Widgets_, Google products_


The extension we’ve developed with Google and Ticketmaster lets us know, while we’re online, about concerts, shows or other events related to content of the page we’re visiting. We can see information about dates, venues, etc. and access to buy tickets directly. There’s a specific version for Spain and another for the United Kingdom (UK).

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My Cool Places for iPhone and Android

Posted: 3th of March, 2010 Category: Google products_, Madpixel_, Mobile_, Rich Internet Apps_, Social Network_

Mis Lugares Favoritos Mobile
Today, with Facebook’s support, we’re launching iPhone and Android versions of My Cool Places. And with them, a new version of the Facebook application.
Easy, fast and from wherever you want; now you can create and share your cool places however you want from your computer or mobile.

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